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Performance Augmentation Networks (PAN) are novel, new technology that dramatically improves the reliability, efficiency, flow capacity and cost effectiveness of pumping station high speed reciprocating compressors. PANs attenuate gas pulsation and can recover - not dissipate - pulsation energy to make compressors more efficient and flow more gas.   PANs replace pulsation control bottles with standard piping and ACI's new junction technology.  There are two types of PANs: PAN Filters and Manifold PANs

Tuned Loop PANs are employed when you have a single pipe that contains pulsation that you wish to reduce. Manifold PANs are employed to reduce pulsation when 2 or more pipes are joined together.  Manifold PANs can also be designed to increase the gas flow and/or reduce the piston work required to move the gas similar to the way that high performance race engine's headers and collectors work.

Properly designed PANs provide the same or better pulsation reduction than bottles but with ZERO Pressure Drop. They have no orifice plates or choke tubes to restrict flow.  THis benefit alone increases efficiency and reduces operating cost.  This greater efficiency allows the compressor to run with less unloading and deliver more gas making the ROI for upgrading to PANs very attractive.

Removing the bottles removes the bottle vibration and makes the entire pumping station more reliable!

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OPTIMUM PUMPING TECHNOLOGY uses proprietary, state-of-the-art 1-D real gas simulation software (Virtual Pumping Station) to replicate the intricate wave characteristics present in the station.  Automated Design optimization software is used to optimize the PAN's dimensions for each unique compressor and pumping station.

In a PAN Filter, the pulsing flow stream is split into 2 equal streams (1).  The pulses in one stream propogate along a longer path (the Tuned Loop).  Where the 2 streams rejoin, their pulses are out of phase and they cancel each other (4) thereby reducing the pulsation in the downstream pipe:
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In the case of a Manifold PAN, the pulses from 2 or 3 cylinders of multi-throw compressors can be interleaved using a 2 into 1 or 3 into 1 junction. These Primary TST W or Y Junctions recover pulsation energy. Secondary Y TST Junctions join the flows from both sides of the compressor and further reduce pulsation.  Once you see a Manifold PAN, you may immediately recognize that it looks very similar to race engine exhaust systems:
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In either case, the wave dynamics are very complex and this type of simulation could not have been performed until OPTIMUM entered the market.  Virtual Pumping Station is a major breakthrough for the industry.  It is the only predictive software that can be used to design PANs for the Natural Gas Industry.

Industry article:
Gas Machinery Journal Article May 2011 (PDF)

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Bottles and PANs are FUNDAMENTALLY Different:
Pulsation Control Bottles PANs
  • Reduce pulsation to acceptable levels
  • DISSIPATE 95% of pulsation energy
  • Process each throw individually
  • Primary and secondary Bottle volumes
  • Baffles
  • Choke tubes
  • Orifice plates

  • Pressure Loss
  • Poorly phased cyclical flange pressure that reduces adiabatic efficiency of the compressor
  • Bottle vibration problems

  • Reduce pulsation to acceptable levels
  • RECOVER 95% of pulsation energy
  • Process all throws as a system
  • PrimaryTST W or Y junction recovers pulsation energy
  • Secondary Y TST junctions join the flows from both sides of compressor and further reduce pulsation
  • Standard pipe
  • Optimized TSTs with optimized pipe diameters and lengths
  • NO Pressure loss
  • Greatly improved cyclical flange pressure significantly increases compressor adiabatic efficiency
  • Reduced operation cost
  • Reduced engine exhaust emmissions
  • Increased flow
  • Reduced vibration-caused failures
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